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How a Plumber Can Protect Your Staten Island Home

Excess rains can lead to flooding and damage

Hurricane Sandy had devastating effects on many homes and commercial spaces in Staten Island, along with some parts of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Buildings sustained heavy damage from the storm due to flooding, and there were both structural damages and plumbing issues that troubled many homeowners. When there are heavy rains or river levels many homes run the risk of having their basements flooded. However, having a few plumbing essentials in place can take you a long way in protecting your home in the event of such an occurrence.

How to keep your home safe with Staten Island Plumbing

Most homeowners are poorly prepared to handle flood incidents. They often lack sump pumps and proper drain capacity to protect their home from flooding. However a few additional layers of plumbing protection can help ensure the safety of your home, property and of course your family members. For instance, automated sump pumps can keep the water levels in check. When it has a lid opening, it naturally behaves like a floor drain that prevents the water level from rising. There is also a good chance of overloaded sewer units backing up through the sewer lines in the house during heavy rains. You can have backwater valves (backflow prevention) installed in the sewer line to prevent this. These valves open only in one direction, which allows the water to flow out of your home. If there is a case of water backing up, it closes and does not allow water to flood your home.

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