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There are many types of air conditioning systems available today. However, before you choose to go ahead and purchase one for your house, keep the size of your home in mind. When calculating the per square feet area, do not include rooms like the basement because it will not require cooling.

The air conditioner's cooling capacity depends on the area that needs to be covered. The cooling capacity of your air-conditioner is in proportion to the area that needs to be cooled.

What Kind of Air Conditioning System May Be Installed for Your Staten Island House

Ductless Air Conditioning System: Ductless air-conditioning systems are ideal for residents who would like to keep more than one room cool at the same time. It is a split AC system, meaning it has two separate units. The first unit consists of a compressor, condenser, and expansion value, which is placed outside the house. The second unit contains the coil, and a cooling fan is placed inside the room that has to be cooled. Ductless AC systems are perfect for cooling multiple rooms but have installation costs that are a bit higher. However, they do pay off in the long-term because they are low maintenance with no duct work needed. With maintenance performed every year, they are good to go.

Packaged air conditioners: Package air-conditioners will keep your entire house cool at once. These are ideal for medium sized houses. There are two units, with the compressor placed outside and ducts placed in the places where cooling is required. These are the two kinds of air-conditioning systems that are most favored among residents.

To Make Sure that Your AC Lasts for a While The Following Actions Should be Taken:

Regular yearly maintenance: Maintenance occuring every year involving an air conditioning tune up to ensure that the system is functioning correctly. Yearly maintenance of the air conditioning system will support you in the long term to lower expenses.

Duct cleaning: The duct is the component accountable for bringing warmer air into the system. With the air, a lot of debris also infiltrates an air conditioning system. A duct is certainly a place that will require regular maintenance in a structure.

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