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Staten Island Air Conditioning Tune Ups

There are many perks of booking maintenance or a tune up for ACs. These are some of them:

Catch small problems before they become big issues - Electrical appliances have a habit of breaking down during the hottest months. You can stop such breakdowns by identifying issues behind them in advance. Routine AC maintenance and tune ups can prevent abrupt issues with the AC.

Increase the comfort in your home - The idea of having an air conditioner is to keep comfortable in the summer. A tune up will ensure cooling efficiency of your AC.

Reduced utility bills - A tune up can get the AC back to its top efficiency. The unit will use less power and you will get lower utility bills. A faulty AC must work harder than a properly-working AC to achieve the same amount of cooled air.

Prolong the life of your Air Conditioning System - AC systems that have gotten yearly tune-ups will last longer than a system that has not. Routine tune-ups or maintenance can add a lot of life to your AC.

For more information on how a tune-up or a maintenance contract can protect your AC in Staten Island, call Vigilante at 718-285-6461.

Boost the Durability of your Air Conditioning System With Routine AC Maintenance

55% of houses with an AC, do not tune them up or attempt maintenance. AC issues are very typical. Undertaking routine maintenance on your AC can decrease breakdowns in the AC by 95% and reduce electricity bills by 25%. These elements increase the longevity of your AC.

A maintenance contract saves you from the concern of calling up the maintenance company. Forgetting and procrastination is no longer an issue; the AC tune-up technician will come to your door at the scheduled time.

When is the Preferable Time to Arrange an AC Tune-Up?

The best time to get an AC maintained or tuned up is in the spring months, before summer begins. You still have time to fix AC issues this way. A yearly tune-up is suggested for all kinds of ACs. If you have inquiries on AC maintenance or tune ups, or if you would like to purchase a maintenance contract in Staten Island, contact us at 718-285-6461.

Call 718-285-6461 for Air Conditioning Tune Ups and Maintenance in Staten Island