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Plumbers Providing a Wide Scope of Bathroom Plumbing Services in Staten Island

Staten Island Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

Bathrooms in any house are usually the most used rooms and are under a lot of stress as they handle large quantities of water and waste. Any problems with bathroom plumbing can create a disturbance for those who live in the home. This is why obtaining the services of a decent plumber is essential for fast bathroom plumbing repairs. At Vigilante Plumbing in Staten Island, we provide some of the best plumbers in the area. Our plumbers have years of training and involvement in the industry and can correct all bathroom plumbing issues in time.

Our bathroom plumbing services include:

Bathroom Plumbing Services at Vigilante Also Cover Shower Installations and Replacement

Though you may want to try to perform shower installation and replacement on your own, these projects are best completed by a professional plumber from Vigilante Plumbing in Staten Island. Our plumbers will first survey the area where the shower needs to be replaced or installed. Then we disconnect the water supply and drainage connections or install new water and drainage connections. The shower pan is installed and then sealant, tiles and shower equipment is put in.

Our Bathroom Plumbing Services Include Toilet Replacements and Installations

Our professionals at Vigilante can install or replace toilets very rapidly and with very little mess or disturbance to the current fixtures. First, the water supply and drain connections are detached and the old toilet is taken out. This is followed by the inclusion of wax seals, where after the new toilet is fixed. After the new toilet is secured tightly, sealants are added and the new toilet is tested thoroughly by reconnecting water supply and drain connections.

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